Daylighting for productivity and savings - Delaram Art & Design
One of the best ways to save money and lower environmental impacts is to make better use of things you already have. In the case of lighting, that often means harnessing the sun for indoor lighting purposes, a concept called Daylighting. But the sun is a bit like a wild animal: it’s easier to capture than it is to tame. There are distinct benefits to taming it. The more you illuminate with daylight, the less you have to spend on electricity to provide light, and the less impact your facility has on the environment because of that reduced electrical demand. Moreover, daylight has a mix of light color that is beneficial to humans, and it not really replicated by most artificial light sources. Studies have shown that daylight in the workplace increases productivity and general employee health, with probable impacts in reducing sick time and improving employee retention. Walmart, the world’s largest retailer, experimented with the effects of daylight on retail sales by putting skylights over one section of a store. That area showed a significant increase in sales, no matter what type of merchandise they located in the sky-lit area.