Kyushu, Japan : Day 3 - Aso Milk Farm » Deenise Glitz
It was a rainy morning as it drizzled continuously. Whether it is rain or shine, our tour continues. At one point in time, it was actually pouring quite heavily. Aso Milk Farm is like themepark with delicious milk softserve, natural beauty products, cute cuddly animals and even a KAWAII resort for families. Welcome to Aso Farm Land Each dome-shaped houses a room and it doesn’t just look pretty on the outside but inside too! Lunch at New Kusasenri We headed off to another farm where there are more animals to see and touch! These cows were housed in a clean stables with classic music played for them to listen. However, in reality, they aren’t much luckier to be stuck in a farm than those cows running about freely in the wild fields. It must be painful for them to stuck their heads through the metal grills, looking as if for food to eat. Milk from the cows are for their calves. Are we humans suppose to consume it just because we rear cows and milk taste good? It is really subjective when it comes to farming. Read Day 4 of my trip in the next post! Watch my travel vlog on Kyushu, Japan below!