Toshiba RZE Over-Ear Headphones
Toshiba has entered the audio products and accessories market in India with launch of a range of devices. The new entrants include wireless and wired headphones and earphones, soundbars, Bluetooth speakers and more. Toshiba RZE over-ear headphones include D200H, BT180H and BT200H. Here is the headphone review of them: Toshiba Foldable D200H Wired Headset This pair of wired headphones features compact and comfortable design. You can easily pair them with your Bluetooth-enabled device such as smartphones and enjoy your favorite tracks. Priced at ₹1,499/-, they offer you a good value for money. It includes microphone as well. The 400mm speaker units offer you quality sound. Toshiba BT180H Wireless Headphone Next in the RZE Over-Ear headphones series is the wireless BT180H headset. Priced at ₹2,849/-, Toshiba Wireless BT180H headphones come in a variety of color options: Blue, Green, Black and Orange. The headphones offer the convenience of being wireless and sound great. They feature a