Top 5 OTG Flash Drives of 2016 -
When you are looking to purchase new OTG flash drives, here are the best ones to consider. These drives are specially designed for your convenience. Let's have a look at them: 1. SanDisk Ultra Dual OTG-enabled Flash Drive It tops our list of best OTG flash drives. It lets you quickly transfer your files between OTG-enabled Android smartphones and tablets as well as PC and Mac computers. You can connect the drive to the microUSB port of your device. It makes it easy and fast to free up space for pictures, videos, songs, and lots more. It comes in various capacities and you can easily choose the one you desire. Cost: ₹407/- for 16GB ₹655/- for 32GB Buy Now ₹1,162/- for 64GB 2. Strontium Nitro Plus OTG Pen Drive Here is another useful OTG pendrive that lets you transfer between OTG-compatible devices without cable with high speed. It comes with amazing transfer speed using the dual micro-B and standard Type A USB 3.0 connectors. It can be used for