Sound One X70 Wireless Earphones Review
New Bluetooth earphones have entered the market called Sound One X70 for the price of ₹1,790/- at leading stores like Amazon, Flipkart and Sound One official website. They are aimed at fitness enthusiasts and are sweat-proof. Let's get into the details: Classy Design There's a magnetic lock so that the two earphones attach to each other. This keeps them organized and thus, can wear it like a necklace as well. The sweat-proof design makes it easy for you to wear them during rain or gym. The nano-coating efficiently protects it from sweat and water. It features aircraft grade metal body and ergonomic design. These Bluetooth earbuds are compatible with most iPhones, android phones and PC. Superior HD Sound These latest Bluetooth earbuds are designed to offer superior HD sound and deep bass. It is capable of creating ultra accurate sound with powerful bass. With Bluetooth, they make wireless stereo synchronous connection and makes pairing effortless. It offers simultaneous connection of