Sony HT-ST5000 Soundbar
Sony India has launched HT-ST5000 SoundBar in India for the price of ₹1,50,990/-. This flagship 7.1.2 channel soundbar comes with Dolby Atmos and delivers superior audio quality. With this product, you are going to enjoy three-dimensional surround sound. It is available for purchase at Sony store and major electronic stores across the country. The company touts it as the soundbar offering cinema-like audio experience at home with great sound. Let's check out its features: Surround Technology The soundbar features 7.1.2ch s-force pro front sound technology. It combines digital signal processing to offer a natural sound field. It delivers you 360-degree surround sound. The woofer and tweeter work together inside the speaker to offer precisely aligned audio. The soundbar uses an algorithm to analyze music and replace lost harmonics. Amazing Design Sony HT-ST5000 Soundbar is designed and engineered to deliver ultimate immersive audio. It features high-quality components and an optimal