Samsung 850 Evo 4TB SSD -
Samsung has recently revealed its new 4TB 850 EVO which is the world's highest-capacity consumer SSD. The drive is capable of offering double the capacity of previous 850 EVO and will reach sequential read and write speeds of 540MBps and 520MBps, respectively. Amazon currently sells it for $1,499 with a five-year warranty. The SSD uses Samsung's 3D vertical flash memory technology. This is a more efficient way to allocate memory cells and these memory cells are stacked up vertically up to 32 layers. The drive also supports Samsung's TurboWrite. This helps to accelerate write speeds during data transfer. In addition, the Samsung 850 EVO 4TB SSD features RAPID mode. It uses part of computer's RAM to further improve the performance. This expensive SSD works out to be less than $0.38 per gigabyte. This drive is an initiative to bid adieu to hard drives for bulk storage. With SSD like these getting higher capacities, it makes it possible to no longer need hard drives. Also, you can use any