Research: Highly Stretchable, Wearable Touchscreen
Researchers develop transparent touchscreen; wear it and play angry bird, just so simple. Wear this highly stretchable touch screen on your one arm and with other hand write word, play games/piano or do drawing. As you like… :) Study said, highly transparent flexible ionic touchpad placed on one's arm to play video games, draw, and write words as well as to play the piano. Electrodes are placed on each end of touchpad which creates the electrostatic field across the hydrogel sheet, when you press on this sheet with your finger it closes an electrical circuit and create a current that can be read by meter placed on each corner of sheet. Not only researchers from Seoul National University working on hydrogel-based electronics, but persons at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the University of Texas and Stanford University have been also working on similar technologies. Here is the video of highly stretchable transparent wearable touchpad from Science Magazine YouTube Channel: