Meet Google CallJoy – A Virtual Customer Service Agent for Small Businesses
Google has launched a new service called CallJoy. It is a cloud-based virtual customer service agent that aims to help the small businesses. It offers call intelligence capabilities to businesses for a flat fee of $39 per month. It aims at offering better customer services and frees up employees from having to answer the phone. As the CallJoy can automatically answer a wide range of inquires, the number of incoming calls will be greatly reduced. CallJoy is aimed at 30.2 million small business owners of US. It is a low-cost customer service agent and helps to block spam calls, provide callers with business information and redirect customers to complete their requests. Working of CallJoy Google CallJoy starts with a Google voice-style local phone number. When the customer calls you, CallJoy's virtual agent will answer the call for which you can also set a custom message as well. for example, the virtual agent greet the customers and provide basic information about your business. The