How To Lock WhatsApp Using Face ID or Touch ID?
WhatsApp for iPhone has got an important update and with this, it brings new Face ID authentication. This allows users to lock their WhatsApp by deploying native Face ID or Touch ID. The latest feature for locking WhatsApp using Face ID or Touch ID does not lock WhatsApp chats on individual basis. How to use this feature? You can lock WhatsApp app with Face ID or Touch ID with this step by step guide: Update your WhatsApp to the latest 2.19.20 version; Go to Settings; Go to Account; Then, Privacy; Now, go to Screen Lock; Here, you will see available authentication methods: Face ID or Touch ID; Enable to lock your WhatsApp; You can also choose whether to use the biometric authentication requirement immediately or after an interval of time such as one minute, fifteen minutes or an hour. WhatsApp for iPhone still lets you reply to messages from notifications and answer calls. This does not need biometric authentication. But, too get access to all the messages; you