Best SoundBars in India with Sophisticated Sound Quality
Soundbars in India are growing in demand and many companies are offering them. The recent one to join Bose, Samsung and Sony is Toshiba. If you are looking to purchase a new soundbar for exceptional audio experience, here are the best sound bars to spend money on. Let's check them out: Bose Lifestyle 650 Bose Lifestyle 650 tops our list of the best sound bar system. It is a complete home entertainment system that delivers premium sound quality. With this system, the dual-driver Omnijewel speakers offer 360-degree audio. This luxurious wireless speaker come in an anodized aluminum curved console. It includes four Jewel Cube satellite speakers and one Jewel Cube center channel speaker. Pros: Beautiful Craftsmanship. 5-Speaker Home Cinema System. 360-Degree Sound. Omni-Directional Speaker. Wireless Connectivity. Cons: Very Expensive. For detailed review click here. ₹3,68,800/- $3,999/- ₹3,68,800/-