Amazon Echo Sub Review
Get ready to add a subwoofer and take your audio to another level as Amazon has launched Echo Sub in India. It comes with a price tag of ₹12,999/-. This time, Amazon has taken it seriously and makes a bigger push into home audio space. It is a great addition for those looking for music system with convenience and connectivity of Alexa. Let's have a close look at its features: Quality Sound This is the first wireless Echo device to feature a subwoofer. You can easily connect it to compatible Echo devices for stereo sound. It comes with Bluetooth connectivity and 3.5mm headphone jack. This lets you connect them to home theater or speakers as an extended speaker. Echo Sub is capable of delivering 100W deep bass sound via a 6-inch woofer. Beautiful Design Echo Sub comes wrapped in a familiar-looking fabric and the top has matte charcoal finish. It measures 202 * 210 * 210 mm and is extremely portable. The support for Alexa is an amazing plus. Easy Setup Amazon has made setup easy and