Alfawise W1 Bluetooth Headset: Attractive Neckband and Affordable Price
The craze for Bluetooth headsets are on the rise and more and more affordable earphones are being offered in the market. Today, we take a close look at the neckband Bluetooth headphones called Alfawise W1 Bluetooth Headset. It comes with an affordable price tag of $17.99 and is completely worth the price. Let's have a complete review of it: Design Alfawise has earned a good reputation for its gadgets owing to the excellent construction quality. These new headphones are another example of great craftsmanship. Though the price is low, it is made of ABS plastic and comes with a lightweight design. The earphones are available in attractive color options of green, red with black, blue and white. The right earbud includes a remote control with three buttons, a connector for charging it and a microphone. You can use the button to power on/off the headphones and change music. At the left, you can see the logo of company. Sound Quality In terms of sound quality, these earphones feature