7 Best Wireless Charging Pads for Smartphones -
Here are the most useful wireless charging pads that offer the convenience of fast charging without the hassles of cables and wires. Let's have a look at them: 1. Samsung Wireless Charging Pad Black Samsung Wireless charging pad is an awesome product offering quick and efficient charging features. This original product from Samsung works perfectly and charging rate is good. It is compatible with most smartphones and offers the ease of wireless charging at an affordable price. Cost: ₹949/- Buy Now 2. RAVPower Wireless Charging Pad This RAVPower Qi wireless charging pad comes with an AC adapter which is easy to plug into the socket. It comes with a slim and clean design and is thinner as compared to other bulky chargers. There's no slipping on the pad so the charger will remain in place without getting knocked out. It is compatible with all popular smartphone models and is one of the best wireless charging pads available today. Cost: ₹3,523/