6 Best and Truly Wireless Earbuds Available Today
Although most smartphones come with a pair of headphones but when one really cares about music quality, you need to buy a new pair of earphones. Here, we have assorted the best wireless earbuds available in the market today. They provide you good audio quality for all genres of music. The convenience of wireless earphones frees you from mess of wires. Here are the best ones, Let's have a look at them: Samsung Gear IconX 2018 Earbuds The recently released wireless earphones, Samsung Gear IconX 2018, tops our compilation of the best wireless earbuds available. It comes with 3.4GB capacity and stores over 1000 music tracks. These cord-free earbuds are lightweight and comes with battery life of up to seven hours. Also, it comes with useful wireless charging case. Pros: Wireless. Bixby Support. Great Music Experience. Good Battery Life. Smart Activity Tracking. Cons: Competition From Airpods. Pricey. For detailed review click here. ₹14,999/- ₹13,990/