10 Top Smartphones of 2018
Smartphones have been flourishing in the year 2018 and over 200 have been launched by top brands. They range from top mobile phones from big brands like Apple, Samsung to affordable ones from Redmi, Vivo and more. While some smartphones really worked out, some fizzled out. We have taken a look back at all the top cell phones that really excelled. Best smartphones are powerful enough to do everything ranging from editing spreadsheets, streaming HDR videos and lots more. You can also multitask conveniently and comfortably. We have assorted the top mobile phones that offer latest technology with premium design and cutting edge features. Here are the top smartphones that comes with amazing value for money. Apple iPhone XS Max Apple has delivered a flagship smartphone with the release of iPhone XS Max. It sports a stunning and massive OLED screen and offers excellent performance. The smartphone comes with a beautiful build and design in addition to solid battery life. With iPhone XS Max,