Ready Player One | Dawn of Comics
Hello all, Brodie here, I am going to review the great Steven Speilbergs latest movie Ready Player One, based on the novel by Ernest Cline. THE OASIS The opening of the movie is great, it shows the world and how VR has taken over reality to a certain degree, the hero Wade Watts, speaks about himself and the world and how people have the OASIS to go to, a place to escape reality, he also sets up the story in a good way with the V.O. The movie doesn’t mess around when it comes to nolstagia, it is filled to the rim with easter eggs, some that will just keep making you smile throughout the movie, i will get to some of them later. The opening car race was phenomenal, and very well done, i loved seeing the 1983 DeLorean DMC-12 from back to the future on screen again, that car in itself is just a great easter egg. The story is explained from the get-go of the movie by Wade Watts, The creator of the oasis James Halliday has now passed and he has left an easter egg inside of the game, that contains his entire fortune, and rights to the game itself. To find this easter egg, people would have to pass the trials set by James Halliday, they would have to find 3 keys all starting with the race, but no one could ever pass the race, no one could ever get passed kong, until oneday Wade watts figured out the answer to winning the race. WORLD OF PURE IMAGINATION The James Halliday easter egg or you could say some parts of the story are an easter egg in itself, a beautiful nod to Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory, the amount a gaming characters, movie characters or even just objects from movies, even just dialogue is fantastic, for a gaming comic, movie nerd, i loved every bit of this movie. The story also brought a lot of emotion to these characters, making them vulnerable, relatable, with good character drives that the actors really deliver. My personal favourite easter egg was the M41-A pulse rifle from aliens being used by artemis in the club scene, a couple of other i spotted were arkham knight, joker, lara croft, i loved the chucky scene :), goro from mortal kombat and the chestburster scene, Wade going through H’s tin, pulling out the galactica and the sulaco from aliens (on another note people missed was in blade runner 2049, the sulaco was a hidden easter egg in that movie too, but i might dive deeper into that movie another time ) seeing Rexy (T-rex from jurassic park), i was surprised with mecha godzilla, just so many to go through. The movie’s heroic characters are great, they are fun energetic, the movie itself flowed very nicely nothing seemed rushed or even shoved in, Ben Mendelsohn was great, ecstatic and great to see on screen as usual, all of the cast did an amazing job. GAME OVER In the end i loved this movie, Steven Spielberg did a great job, as did everyone that worked so hard on this film, take away the nolstagia and it can be known simply as a straight forward story, hero, villain, love interest, but this movie just filled on top of all that, i went into the movie with an open mind and came out loving it, i would love to mention more easter eggs but that takes the fun out of it, it is just great seeing them things for yourself, plus it would take me forever, there is that many of them. I hope you enjoyed and thank you for reading Brodie whitburn (Review by KyloKent)