Updating a Group Photo with a New Employee
I'll admit that no project instills more fear into a photographer than, we'll just add that person to the group photograph later. Especially when the group photograph was shot about a year ago. At the time, we didn't think to make room for the new employee. But I'm always up for a challenge and the good news, I had photographed the original group photograph and I was photographing the new employee. And it works pretty well! If you didn't know, you wouldn't question the photograph. The new nurse practitioner at Spinal Intervention in Provo needed a headshot and we added her to the group photograph. An updated group photo with a Photoshopped employee And here is her new fantastic headshot, yay! The new employee's headshot And for the fun of it, here is a behind the scenes photograph. I brought my lighting kit and a black background and we set up in the recovery room at the clinic. We did this while there were no clients in the office. I did have to compensate the color of the