Working... - M. Darusha Wehm
So, with the incredible end of my IndieGoGo campaign, I’ve got a shot in the arm financially and motivationally. Which means I’m keeping plenty busy. Final editing and audio recording of The Beauty of Our Weapons is coming along - it feels slooooowwww, but it’s actually moving ahead at a good pace. If the weather holds (I can’t record when it’s raining or windy), I should be done in a couple of weeks. Then I can get final formatting done for the hard copies and start that process. I’m also working on the short story commissioned by my patron, theoretically more than practically working on another novel and I have another short story percolating away in my brain. Busy, but happy - that’s how I like it! (Check out the cover art by JT Lindroos. How awesome is that?!)