The Importance of Reviews - M. Darusha Wehm
Photo by jvleis One of the questions I asked in my survey is whether or not people write reviews of the books they like. Many respondents said they don't. When asked why, not ever thinking to do it was a top answer. Not all readers are writers, and some people also expressed that they felt unqualified to write a review. There are some really excellent review writers out there, and I've read my fair share of long, well-thought out pieces. But a review doesn't have to be a 500-word essay. In fact, on sites like Goodreads, you're more than welcome to submit a a star-rating with no comment at all. For most authors, word of mouth is our main marketing tool. And in the current world, word of mouth includes recommendations on facebook, twitter, G+ etc. When they get a line on a new book or author, many people head over to Amazon or Goodreads to see what others say about a book and a dearth of reviews on those sites can make people skip over to something else.