Crowdsourcing Funding for Novels - M. Darusha Wehm
About a year ago I started planning to crowdsource funding the release of my upcoming novel. I'll spoil the ending right now: I did it, and it was successful, raising just over $1000. Recently, I've mentioned that I'm working on a couple of novels and I've been asked if I plan to crowdsource funding for their release, too. I hadn't really thought about it (I'm not quite at that stage yet), but that made me think about the process for The Beauty of Our Weapons and whether or not I do want to give it another go. As I've said, the previous campaign was financially successful. However, it was also stressful. Really stressful. The campaign met its target on its last day, and it was met thanks to a very generous donor who chose one of the major packages that I'd included mostly for completeness. I was completely shocked first that the target had been met and doubly so by the generosity of this donor.