Episode Twelve - M. Darusha Wehm
Episode Twelve Jack rode the ninety minute train home knowing she ought to use the time to get a quick nap, but was too wired to sleep. She really wasn't sure what to think about the things she had seen and heard. She was convinced that the Red were behind the attack on Estella Rowan, but she was equally convinced that the people she met could not have been involved. Not necessarily because they were inherently good people - Jack didn't trust her judgment that much - but because it just wasn't their style. It would offend their sense of esthetics. [audio:] Direct download Music: low level format by Bjorn Fogelberg some sonics provided by The Freesound ProjectIf you have feedback, I want to hear it! Leave a comment on the website, send me an email or call me with your comments at 206-984-2976.