Episode Six - M. Darusha Wehm
Episode Six Jack started walking back to her apartment, planning her next move. If she could trace the path of the unknown login back from the Bellis system, she may be able to find out where it originated. If she could find where it came from, she might be able to figure out what they were doing. She was pretty confident that whoever it was, and wherever it came from, the Bellis system was not the final destination. There were no flags raised by the security system and, as far as anyone could tell, no damage done aside from the downtime the other day. [audio:] Direct download Music: low level format by Bjorn Fogelberg some sonics provided by The Freesound Project If you have feedback, I want to hear it! Leave a comment on the website, send me an email or call me with your comments at 206-339-8577.