Episode Nineteen - M. Darusha Wehm
Episode Nineteen Jack didn't know what to do. It was BlackEye for sure, chatting with some dour looking guy just two tables over. It was the first she had seen of him, and although she had imagined before she arrived that he would be leading the group in some kind of bizarre incantation three times a day, once she had been here for awhile the community nature of the group made her doubt even the existence of a leader. Of course, leaders aren't always of the "do it my way or get out" variety, and she noticed that everyone else in the bar deferred to BlackEye when they interacted with him. "Do you know who that guy is?" she asked Susanna, who was already starting to get an unfocussed look about her. "Which guy," she asked after a brief pause to understand the question. "The one-eyed man with the hair wings. Over there," Jack jerked her head in the direction of the table. Susanna looked over, and studied the two men carefully for some time before answering.