Episode Eighteen - M. Darusha Wehm
Episode Eighteen The thought of Estella Rowan reminded Jack of her purpose at the compound and renewed her resolve to find out who was behind the consciousness programs. She had her first work shift after lunch and was hopeful that whatever they would have her doing as a programmer would shed some light on the situation. She agreed to meet Susanna for dinner at the middle sitting, and headed off to her room to find out where she was supposed to go for her work shift. The morning class had been interesting and compelling, but now as she walked all the way back to her room to find out a piece of information that would take just a second on the nets to retrieve, she was becoming less enamoured with the whole Red philosophy. It was nice to play historical and pretend not to have everywherenet or integrated systems, but there was a good reason everyone adopted those technologies in the first place. [audio:] Direct download Music: low level format by Bjorn Fogelberg some sonics provided by The Freesound Project If you have feedback, I want to hear it! Leave a comment on the website, send me an email or call me with your comments at 206-984-2976.