The eternal battle with disk space | Dark Genesis
From the earliest days of my youth, we have always battled with finding space to install "stuff" on our computers. Whether it was fragmentation, whittling down all the unnecessary things we don't need or just plain burring millions of cat pictures to CD's, we always needed more space. Technology caught up and gave us bigger hard drives and suddenly we had the space we needed, but access was still slow and as software got bigger, it got slower. Then came the herald of SSD's, the promise of speed. Our machines got quicker, programs loaded faster and the world sped up to keep pace. However, we are suddenly again scratching for space, these new drives are fast but they are costly in sizes that we now need to install everything. So we are back to scratching through the dirt to find stuff to move and delete. My battle with space I develop for so many platforms these days, my hard drive seems to fill up so fast. It's a daily / weekly struggle to find the