Telling your story with Dream Build Play–the $5000 developer diary challenge | Dark Genesis
Dream Build Play is well under way and everyone is hammering away at their keyboards (or waving their arms in the air for Mixed Reality entries) working to perfect their masterpiece entry for the competition. Your journey however should not be an isolated task, you need to tell your audience what you're doing, what you're up to and the challenges you face. You need to shout about it to let everyone know how hard you're working and these days, you can even earn some extra cash for doing so. If you haven't done so already, check out Andrew Parsons latest news post, updating everyone on the progress of the contest! The Great Developer Diary Contest As promised in my recent posts about the Dream Build Play contest, a new challenge has arisen in addition to the main event. The challenge is to chronical or tell the story of your DBP journey from its humble beginnings to your final submission. If it's a competition, there must be rules of course but these thankfully are fairly easy