Stay on Target – What to aim for with Dream Build Play | Dark Genesis
Many devs I've spoken to or given advice for with regards Dream Build Play all worry about one BIG thing – Will It all be finished ready for the Big December deadline! My answer is usually, SLOW DOWN and stay focused. It might seem an odd statement but I'll explain why. The aim with Dream Build Play is NOT to have a complete, finished, polished and published game. (although if you do, kudos to you!) What you are aiming for is enough to demonstrate your game, it's gameplay and enough content to showcase your dream. Let's expand on what I mean by that in this article. 1: Minimum Viable Product The minimum you should be aiming for with the Dream Build Play competition is a MVP or Minimum Viable Product. Not to say that is all you are aiming for but it is your bare minimum. What I mean by this, with regards to any game, is to have fully working gameplay with enough content to elaborate the vision for your game (and it shouldn't crash ). This may also mean: It