Building an RPG with Unity 2018 – A Review | Dark Genesis
Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it. Such has been my life these past few months, more work, more family drama and a new project making significant demands on my time. Sadly, my blog has suffered somewhat, however, that will change fairly soon. The major project I've been working on is the Awesome Mixed Reality Toolkit, in conjunction with Microsoft. Aiming to turn the classic HoloToolkit (which only supported HoloLens and Microsoft immersive headsets) in to a true cross platform Mixed Reality framework, covering the entire spectrum of AR / VR / XR. While I take a break, check out a recent book I got to review from packt. Building an RPG with Unity 2018 - Second Edition RPG systems and games are very near and dear to my heart (having wrote a book on it myself for game dev), understanding the key mechanics for what makes a great RPG game is critical. Taking that knowledge and crafting it in to a working game can be a trial,