Wait Until Trump Hears That Putin and Assad Are Laughing At Him Behind His Back
Here we go again, world leaders gathering and yucking it up about Donald Trump — and certainly we can’t blame them for that. The man is nothing if not a joke. Vladimir Putin made a visit to Syria and had a conversation with Bashar al-Assad. Асад о дороге в Дамаск, на которой стал христианином апостол Павел: Если Трамп по этой дороге проедет, сразу станет с ним все нормально.Путин: Пригласите его, он приедет.Асад: Я готов.Путин: Я ему передам pic.twitter.com/Gkkvd0KR1J — Дмитрий Смирнов (@dimsmirnov175) January 12, 2020 Axios: What’s happening: The video shows the leaders speaking to each other during a visit to the Orthodox Church of the Virgin Mary in Damascus. Assad tells Putin about the apostle Paul who became a Christian at the gate of Damascus and adds jokingly: “If Trump arrives along this road, everything will become normal with him too.” Putin laughs and tells Assad: “It will be repaired … invite him. He will come.” Assad answers that he is ready to invite Trump, to which Putin responds, smiling: “I will tell him.” The translation is a bit obtuse, but I think the sense of it is, “if Trump would travel the same road as Paul, he’ll be struck decent and righteous, too.” If you remember the Biblical story, Paul was the “chief of sinners” and then he was struck by the light and went forth and preached the gospel of Christ. So some reference to Trump being as debauched and hopeless as Paul of Tarsus and having a miraculous conversion is inferred. Putin’s comment, “it will be repaired” I take to mean that Trump could become fixed like Paul of Tarsus was fixed, on his journey to Damascus. Simply, the two leaders are laughing at what an amoral, excessive jerk Trump is, and saying that a divine conversion, a miracle of Biblical proportion, would be necessary to fix him, and they’ve got just the spot for it. Lastly, Putin’s saying, “I will tell him,” is both amusing and ominous. No doubt, if Putin would suggest to Trump that he walk along the road to Damascus, or the road to Disneyland, for that matter, Trump will do whatever Putin says — and Putin makes no bones about that.