Trump Fears He’s ‘Surrounded By Snakes’ So He’s Hiring Loyalists To Keep Him Safe
Paranoia runs deep. Into your life it will creep. — Buffalo Springfield Donald Trump is sick and tired of disloyalty and so he’s taking action to eliminate it. Trump has found out the hard way that perfection in staffing is a relative concept. People who he blithely sent through the West Wing revolving door a year or two ago are now looking great in retrospect, next to the likes of Rex Tillerson who called him a “fucking moron” or H.R. McMaster who called him an “idiot” and a “dope.” Compared to that, having Reince Priebus, whom he once ordered to kill a fly, back on board is a comfort. Along with Priebus comes Sean Spicer and Hope Hicks, along with Trump’s former body man, John McInteen, who was fired by John Kelly because he had a gambling problem which led to a security clearance issue. McInteen is set up to head the Presidential Personnel Office, which will give him the power to hire everywhere in the federal government. Here we go with “only the best people,” fascist edition. Axios. Why it matters: Trump has increasingly become furious with what he sees as a federal government full of “never-Trumpers.” Administration officials tell Axios Trump feels he’s surrounded by snakes and wants to clear out all the disloyal people. Trump sees McEntee as the ultimate loyalist, and he has assigned him the powerful role of picking personnel across the federal government. What we’re hearing: Trump has been asking for names of people he should fire. Many on the outside are more than happy to oblige. He was furious about former D.C. Attorney Jessie Liu, who he had nominated to serve as the Treasury Department’s undersecretary for terrorism and financial crimes, after hearing from a number of people, including Rep. Louie Gohmert, that Liu was someone not to be trusted. This is looking like the beginning of Trump’s version of the SS. They were loyalists to Hitler and charged with ferreting out anybody who wasn’t and disposing of them. Let the purge begin.