Ex-Fox News Reporter NOW Sees the Light: Trump Bad
Quick hit, my sisters and brothers. I want to share. I am sensing a pattern, a tremor in the force. I am struggling to put it all together. Perhaps you can help in the comments, point me in the right direction. Ex Fox chief political reporter, Carl Cameron (can that possibly be his real name? Whatever.), went on Ari Melba’s show and did something that it seems many former hostage — many former people inside the Trump orbit do. Cameron suddenly sees that we’re led by a complete and total psychotic presence. And a dick, too. Cameron says there is not enough time in the day to list all of Trump’s problems. I take that as a personal affront because I give it one hell of a try. But this isn’t about me, let’s hear some more before we judge. “We have to think about our national reputation worldwide now, with the president at the G-7 meeting in France, how the rest of the world is looking at the U.S.,” Cameron said. “We like to think of ourselves as world leaders. The president is not leading. So what are we?” he asked. “The United States of America’s reputation is at stake because its president is being irresponsible and violating our values and our traditions.” The pattern that I am seeing is that once people step outside Trump’s direct power, they suddenly have a revelation. Trump is a danger to the United States. Or am I just making this up because it feels right? No, I am not, and you are well-aware of this pattern, too. After all, we’ve got more than a few examples of it already. In no particular order: Michael Cohen Rex Tillerson Steve Bannon Everyone in Congress or the Senate that has bolted? Okay, that’s enough because there’s no point in listing all of them because that would take up near as much time as the list of things wrong with Trump. In fact, there’s some overlap there, too. It isn’t a knock so much on the people who have formerly had little room to work, and had a reason to fall in line. Though, it actually is, now that I think about it. But the more prescient point is that it makes one wonder just what the fck are the people still inside thinking? One has to presume that there would be a cabal of insiders that will never be comfortable outside of Trump’s grip; Ivanka, Don Jr. Eric, the people who will – or won’t – inherit the money, and perhaps Steven Miller, who will definitely inherit the racist legacy. Outside that? I doubt there’s a single one. Maybe Sarah Huck, maybe not. She might need some more space than the others. She is a bit more invested, having publicly lied for the man and just as publicly sold her soul. It could take her more time. I suspect this is the ultimate comment on the Trump trench in which the country finds itself. Everyone that gets out alive and not in cuffs must redeem themselves with the sane world. It could be worse, they could be so stuck in Stockholm, the syndrome never abates. I guess this is actually the final comment on Trump, his grip isn’t that strong, on anyone, except maybe Steven […]