A Cliff’s Notes Analysis Of The Mueller Report, Part II — ‘Mueller Report Leaves Much To Be Done’
[Editor’s Note: Part I of this series was published July 8, and is archived here. This is a solid reference tool and study guide, which I suggest highly that you bookmark and come back to refer to. Remember, Mueller testifies July 17. Mr. Wallace makes the comment here that you almost have to be a lawyer to get through the Mueller report. Thankfully, he is, and he’s done the work for us.] MUELLER REPORT LEAVES MUCH TO BE DONE PART II TAKEAWAYS TO CONSIDER By William Wallace Purpose of this Mueller Report Volume I Summary Polls show that only 4% of Americans have read the Mueller Report; understandably, because the text of both volumes total over 400 pages. Moreover, it’s such a long, detailed read that you almost have to be a lawyer to get through it. As of May 29, 2019, it is even more important for Americans to know what is in the Mueller Report. Robert Mueller is going appear before Congressional Committees. He stated in a public announcement, however, that everything Americans need to know is in the Report. Parts I and II of my summaries are quick-read highlights of the important issues in Part I. In Part I, I have stated matters directly in the Mueller Report, Volume I, with one exception which is noted in Part I. It does not (and cannot in a few pages) recite all the facts and circumstances discussed in Volume I. I have chosen to focus on matters I believe are most important to Americans. I have written about Volume I of the Mueller Report, related to Russian interference and Trump team connections to Russia, because it is a major issue, concerning our country’s greatest enemy and seems to get less attention in the press than the obstruction issue in Volume II. To me, that Trump has obstructed justice and continues to do so is transparently clear. At least 1,000 former Federal prosecutors have signed a letter, concluding that anyone other than a sitting President would be indicted for obstruction of justice. I will address each Section of Part I with my understanding of why each section is important. Sections A and B There are so many blacked out portions of Volume I of the Mueller Report alone, that neither Congress nor the American people have a complete picture of what the Mueller team relied upon in grand jury findings and what related prosecutors’ investigations are still underway. Further disclosures and evidentiary developments could alter our conclusions as to what happened in 2016. According to the New York Times, there at least 10 Federal criminal investigations and 8 state and local investigations underway on matters involving the Trump Administration that grew out of the Mueller Investigation. For this reason alone, Congress needs to investigate and inform the American people. SECTION C The Mueller Report concludes that Russia interfered with the 2016 Presidential election in a massive way and the Investigation resulted in indictments of 13 Russian individuals and 3 Russian agencies. The Report‘s conclusion and indictments confirm the unanimous conclusions of the American intelligence community. In his 9 minute public statement on May 29, 2019, Mueller emphasized Russia’s interference with our Presidential election at the outset and reiterated it at the end of his brief statement to America. See below. The Mueller team does not find Trump or the Trump […]