Vintage Sunburst Ray Patterns digital paper pack | dadartdesign
Sunburst Ray Patterns Digital paper pack with original designs: 12 Patterns with aged realistic surface - vintage grunge distressed colors and surface + added 12 very distressed patterns (In total package contain 24 files). All design are original, All files are in hight resolution 300 dpi, great for your home printer and professional destop publishing and printing. uses: graphic design, stationery, invitations, labels, scrapbooking, decoupage, press, digital printing, web design, blog design, wallpapers, backgrounds and much more Please note that, as you see in preview, patterns have a vintage grunge damaged surface. If you are looking for clean patterns, without vintage damaged surface check SunBurst Ray Patterns items in my shop CONTAIN 24 hi res Pattens jpeg format 300 Dpi 12x12 inch (You can crop to your size)
Marco Spadoni