Circus Flag banner – printable | dadartdesign
A banner of flags on the theme of the circus, easy to customize for your special moments: birthdays, weddings, babyshowers, parties, graduation parties and any other event. The package contains 74 files with letters and numbers. Of each letter or number you can find one or more versions with different backgrounds, which you can mix according to your taste. Content: 1) two pdf files with 74 pages in total, one for each character, dimensions 8.5x11 inches. 2) A folder with individual files in PNG version, not suitable for printing but very useful for web use. use: 1) Choose the letters to form the words of your banner and print it. 2) Cut out the flags with scissors or a cutter. 3) Fold the upper flap backwards, pass a cord inside the fold, fixed with glue or adhesive tape 4) Alternative mode. Make two holes on the edge near the corners and pass a lanyard. DONE!!
Marco Spadoni