Almost 40 #DADSDISRUPTAGING | DaDa Rocks!
Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post in partnership with Disrupt Aging from AARP. All opinions are my own. #ad I grew up playing 3 sports a school year in some cross between baseball, basketball, soccer, wrestling, track&field. Like any young boy no matter what happened I bounced back the next day (thankfully I never had a broken bone). I have 18 months till I hit 40. 40 years old. DEEP BREATHE. FORTY YEARS OLD.... Ok I'm slightly panicking about this one. If I'm brutally honest with myself I dont know that I'm completely happy... Dont get me wrong - I married an amazing women who gave me 3 out of this world children. Career has had starts and stops and I know I should be happy to work for an organization but there are moments when its tough and then you think about jumping to be self employed (but those thoughts are far from every day).... the thing that weighs on me is about housing. We're renting and that kind of bums me out - cause I always thought by 40 we'd own something. So