Work Out Wednesday - Tori Black | Cupcake DuJour
I have had the incredible opportunity to get to know the lovely Tori Black in a way most people never will… No. Not that way. Tori & I have become work out buddies! A few times per year during the EXXXOTICA conventions, Tori and I sweat it out together at the gym. From Chicago, to Dallas to good ol Dirty Jerz, we like to make good use of our time off the show floor, but getting down and dirty on the gym floor. Here’s a quick and killer set of exercises put together by Tori herself, and photographed by everyone’s favourite rockstar Steve Prue Two Bums are Better Than One Workout 3 X 10 Weighted Glute Bridge 2 X 15 Ballet Leg raises 3 X 10 Squat Press Remember to stretch 🙂 Everything is more fun with a friend Follow..