Tita Tuesday - ChopperDave | Cupcake DuJour
It’s not as egocentric as it sounds… ChopperDave“It’s a Chopper Baby” In June, Steve Prue and I made a pit stop in Hawaiian Gardens, CA on our way to Ink N Iron. What, you ask, could have slowed us on our path to the Tattoo/Rockabilly heaven that is INI?!? The one and only, Chopper Dave. “Chopper Dave (Chopper Daves Casting co.) is a West Coast legend, and a guy that does it all; Aside from building complete motorcycles, he manufactures cast aluminium, and cast bronze motorcycle parts, and some accessories.” With his attention to detail, and insistence on quality, he is well known in the world of Choppers and, increasingly, in the world of photography. Having seen his work with models like Bridget Blonde, and hearing countless tales of awesome from Steve, it was obvious we should meet up. When I..