Tita on Tour | Cupcake DuJour
Where I’ve been… and where I’m going We’re almost 6 months into 2012, and the adventures just keep on comin! I’ve met several incredible people, worked with amazing talent, and been inspired by too many wonderful encounters to count.From conventions, to photo shoots, to the occasional ice show, I never know where my life will take me, or when an opportunity will present itself. Somedays go on as planned, while other times, plans change, and itineraries shift. Over the years I’ve had to learn to be flexible, adapt to alternatives, and accept the modifications as they come in.Case in point: May 2012I was meant to go to Miami, but ended up in Shenyang, China. For a little “Chinese-Figure-Skating-Mall-Porn” with a side of “Futuristic Fembot” action What can I say? Life is never boring. Where will I be next? Here’s my..