CrossFit Recourse | If You Want to be a Better Athlete, Train Like the Better Athletes at Your Gym
Is your scaling…or lack there of holding you back? Allow me to explain myself. In my humble opinion, good programming is more than just well rounded in terms of movements performed, but also includes a well thought out stimulus for each workout. A good coaching staff should layout that intended stimulus each day and help guide you to scaling appropriately. While there are different thoughts on how to program for the general population of each gyms members, my approach (not uncommon) is to program to have the "Rx" version of the workout challenge the top 5% or so of athletes and have everyone scale from there to maintain the proper stimulus. This is where things get tricky. To often a mindset of "I can, therefore I should" takes priority over proper scaling. If the board says "135# Thruster" and I can perform one, I should perform thrusters at 135# even if it means I hit the time cap or end up with half the rounds of the gyms top athletes. Wrong! (IMHO) If you have a coach who stresses