Free Photoshop Plugin for Every Creative Pro Week Attendee
We hope you're as excited for CreativePro Week as we are! We've got more great news to share: If you're attending this week's event, you'll not only get free InDesign plug-ins from Em Software, but you can also receive a brand new, very cool Photoshop plugin! Our partner Skylum Software is offering every CreativePro Week 2019 attendee a complimentary license to Flex, a cool new plugin to fix and stylize photos. This plugin suite offers automatic photo enhancements powered by machine-learning. Plus a collection of 50+ filters to unlock new creative options and details hidden inside photos. The tool is perfect for designers and offers quick fixes and creative options in just a few clicks. Make every photo in your document or website pop. You can learn more about Luminar Flex here. This plugin is worth $70 and does not expire. Every person attending in person will get a copy (due to the nature of this giveaway, we can only offer it to people who are attending live; not available for