Reverence – A Step Back | Creations From Stillness
Reverence-Step Back acrylic on canvas 18 x 24 This painting was inspired by an experience/a vision I had a few months back. It is also based on these words that came to me several months back. Step Back You are in a room ... filled with pleasure, pain, conditioning, evaluation, understanding, solutions, techniques, love, knowledge, noise, silence, highs, lows, giving, taking. You know all there is to know, you see all there is to see, there is expansion happening ... you are increasing your capacity and moving to the edge of the room... you hit the wall, you are feeling suffocated... the answers are all there... out there, one of those will work, one of those will open the lock... give the click... break this cycle... you are being pushed against the wall... nothing helping... no more room... you need a solution quick before you are squeezed out... help.. can't breathe... can't... then ... plop... you did not know this wall was not solid... you stepped one step back instead of pushing