Melting Heart | Creations From Stillness
Melting Heart This painting came to me as a vision. A friend commented on the painting: As I see the painting, my heart sings the song ... "Light my soul with thy holy flame. let my darkness my sadness melt into light ... " [Aguner poroshmoni chhoao pran-e] The song fits the painting so beautifully. It is a Bengali song by Rabindranath Tagore... English translations to the lyrics go like this: Touch my heart with your fire So that this life burns as a glorious offering. Let this body Be like a lamp among the heavens And every song Light up in glowing gesture. In the heart of darkness I shall feel your touch Through the nights As you light the stars One after another. No darkness shall Veil this vision - I shall find wondrous lights Wherever I gaze. And my tears Will find a blazing fervor As they reach up for the skies. ~Rabindranath Tagore