Heart Hands | Creations From Stillness
Heart Hands "Heart Hands" ~ Mahasweta Mitra (May 2010) I did this one for my friend Kavitha. Dr. Kavitha Chinnaiyan is a cardiologist and the founder of Heal Your Heart Free Your Soul. When she asked me to make something for her, I had to think for a while as to what to make for her. Something to do with "heart", I thought. Well, since she is a heart doctor who works with her hands, and since she is offering her services and love to all around her, "Heart Hands" seemed like it fit just right. And although I did sketch this for her, it really is a tribute to one and all who give from their hearts, day in and day out. So it really is for all of you, who knowingly or unknowingly have been giving from your hearts and blessing this world with your presence. And if you are reading this and saying, "Well.. that's not me"... please let that thought go, everyone gives the best they can, even if you don't realize it. So to all of you Thank You from my heart!!!!♥