Student Testimonials | CPHT Nottingham Hypnotherapy Training
What Previous Students Have To Say About Our HPD Hypnotherapy Training Course Selina says that she chose to study Solution Focused Hypnotherapy with CHPT Peterborough because although she had done her undergraduate and postgraduate degrees she had never really done anything that allowed her to be practical with her skills. She was also attracted to the course as it came with a HPD (a recognised qualification). She says that the level of practical client hours that the course insists you do has given her, in addition to the knowledge, the self-efficacy to believe that she can really help people with anxiety and stress and other everyday problems using her new skills. She says that she has been able to take this course on and see clients each week whilst working a full time job and is now in a position to start a new business! Sarah says that she chose to train in Solution Focused Hypnotherapy with CPHT Peterborough because her husband and son had both been clients of Gary Johannes'