Which Hypnotherapy Training Course should I choose? | CPHT Newcastle Hypnotherapy Training
What makes the Newcastle Clifton Practice Hypnotherapy Training diploma different? I can remember very well working through a confusing list of training options before settling on the Clifton Practice Hypnotherapy Training School. So many options and providers, different qualifications offered and abbreviations that meant nothing to me. So why did I choose CPHT? 1. It is both a UK and internationally recognised School with 20 UK and 6 international satellite schools. 2. It offers the Hypnotherapy Practitioners Diploma, steeped in the lastest research from neuroscience and considered to be the gold standard in qualifications. 3. Practice with real clients is built in right from weekend one - the course requires students to work with family,friends and then real clients in between each course weekend, with full access to supervision from lecturers whenever needed. CPHT students qualify for student insurance to do this and that is because of the high quality of the CPHT curriculum