Bad Kitty's Go Cats! Bissell MVP Pet Photo War Room Week 3! | The Tiniest Tiger Cat Community
AGAIN IN WEEK 3, CATS RULE! CONGRATULATIONS TO MIA AND JIMMY JET 2011 Bissell MVP Pet Photo Contest! I was so proud to be chosen the winner of the 2010 Bissell MVP Pet Photo Contest! The best part was that Bissell donated $10,000 to our pet charity of choice PurrEver Ranch Sanctuary Last year Bad Kitty started the Go Cats! War Room so that we could find all of our cousins that have entered each week and make it easier to VOTE! And Bad Kitty has decided to do it again this year. Here is what you need to do. 1. Enter your pet in the Bissell Contest by clicking here Bissell MVP Enter A Photo Now 2. Come back here to the Bad Kitty's Go Cats! War Room and post your Entry Number and link. For Example: Mercy Entrant # 136 This is not a real entry, just an example Make sure that your post is typed in as a hyper link. Meaning that everyone can click on it and it will take them directly to your pet's page in the Bissell