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Hi Friends! It has been 16 weeks now that I have been using the Smart Cat Box. Now I typically don't like to discuss my litter pan issues but I think this is important information to share with you. You might remember that we had a discussion about To Clump or Not to Clump? In this discussion we talked about the issues with clay litter. My parents were purchasing a popular brand of natural clumping litter for me to use. It was not a clay litter but made from natural biodegradable corn fibers. Some of you might already know that I suffered from pancreatitis and transient diabetes. During this time, it was necessary to test my glucose levels on a regular basis. Unfortunately, this meant getting an ear or paw stick with a super sharp pointy needle. My parents said it hurt them more than me, but I don't know about that. I never got to sneak up on them and poke them in the ear with a needle to see if it hurt me more than them. Sorry for the digression. One happy day in May, our