SME Announces 2019 Award-Winning Chapters - Viewing Blog Post - SME Connect
SME is happy to share that 54 of its local chapters have achieved platinum, gold, silver and bronze status for all their efforts in 2018. Of the 54 chapters, eight achieved platinum status, including first-time, platinum-level winners Grand Rapids Chapter 38, Oakland-Macomb Chapter 69 and Wichita Chapter 52. To achieve this special level of recognition, the chapters need to succeed in these four designated categories: Advancement of manufacturing, merit, professional development, and communication to members and the community. Requirements for the categories range from interaction with other chapters and community outreach to maintaining current websites and social media pages. Depending on the level of achievement, SME’s award-winning chapters are awarded $1,500, $1,000, $750 and $500, respectively, which can then be used to further the chapters’ engagement activities and outreach efforts. 2019 Chapter Recognition Award winners: Chicago Chapter 5 Grand Rapids Chapter 38 Greater Charleston Chapter 430 Nashville Chapter 43 Oakland-Macomb Chapter 69 Wichita Chapter 52 South Bay Chapter 153 South LA/Orange County Chapter 233 Silicon Valley Chapter 98 Waterloo Chapter 186 Kansas City Chapter 57 Willamette Valley Chapter 423 Spokane Chapter 248 Northern Colorado Chapter 354 Greater Peoria Chapter 31 Lexington Chapter 154 Detroit Chapter 1 Minnesota State Wide Chapter 11 Syracuse Chapter 19 Columbus Chapter 36 Greater Lancaster Chapter 89 Pittsburgh Chapter 8 Salt Lake City Chapter 85 Madison Chapter 75 Milwaukee Chapter 4 SE Wisconsin Chapter 2 Grand Valley Chapter 81 Southern Piedmont Chapter 182 North Bay Chapter 431 Sacramento Valley Chapter 145 San Diego Chapter 44 Atlanta Chapter 61 Wabash Valley Chapter 275 Des Moines Chapter 80 Maine Dirigo Chapter 46 Worcester Chapter 25 Kalamazoo Chapter 116 Mid-Missouri Chapter 287 Ozark Chapter 139 Westchester Chapter 216 Crescent Chapter 215 Northern Piedmont Chapter 82 Dayton Chapter 18 NE Ohio Chapter 220 Springfield Chapter 76 Oklahoma City Chapter 125 York Chapter 22 East Texas Chapter 126 Hampton Roads Chapter 217 Seattle Chapter 39 Fond Du Lac Chapter 45 Indianhead Chapter 335 Montreal Chapter 50 Toronto Chapter 26