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In this month's sneak peek guest editorial, published in the Oct. 2019 issue of Manufacturing Engineering magazine, Edye Buchanan, CMfgT, the 2019 chair of the SME Member Council, provides her own detailed insight into the value of SME Membership from the What's In It for Me aspect as well as the background on the work that the Member Council is performing this year. As someone who has served in a variety of roles and has a great deal of experience as a passionate volunteer leader, Edye's insights and thoughts are a must-read, particularly for anyone who wants to derive additional value from their SME Membership and make an impact in manufacturing."THIS YEAR, I CELEBRATE 32 years as a member of SME. After serving in many volunteer positions, from student chapter officer to international director on the SME Board of Directors, I am now serving as chair of the SME Member Council. Earlier this year, in the Member Council’s monthly From the Desk of… e-newsletter, I presented the various charges developed by 2019 SME President Mark Michalski, which need to be completed this year by the council and its committees. Many of these charges revolved around providing training for our volunteer leaders, increasing support to our member groups, transitioning student members to the emerging professional status, increasing member engagement in our chapters and Technical Communities, creating more effective communications to our leaders and members, and filling the crucial pipeline of volunteer leaders."DOWNLOAD EDITORIAL